Why do I have to register more than once.

We have set up Qpond and it’s segments utilizing a variety of platforms that best suit the purpose of each segment (ie: buy and sell, auto pond, auction site, etc). So therefore certain segments do not utilize the same log in protocols. We tried various share log in programs, but unfortunately at this time developers have not created one that works across all platforms. So until they do, you may have to register your username and account on Qpond, then again on the buy and sell, then auto pond, etc.. The good news is that you can use your same username and password. So you don’t have to remember more then one.

Once you register once per segment, you won’t have to register again. When you register with Qpond main home site, you will be sent a password. You can change this password to one you will remember easy by clicking on My Account in the top right bar and change your password once in your user dashboard.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and will rectify it once developers deal with the cross platform issue.

Thank You
The Qpond Crew